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Reunion of Yazaki et ses amis was held 2009.2.28 PublicationSale


As have been announced, the reunion of Yazaki et ses amis was held on February 28 right after the Tiara Koto subscription concert at Hotel East 21 near from the concert hall.  We could also welcom and have a pleasant chat with Mrs. Yazaki, a violinist, who happened to be in Japan.  Many members including those far away from Kamakura gathered, enjoyed very much  free alcoholic drinks such as wine, scotch, beer, and good foods of buffet style.  There was also a mysterious happening that the dessert which was prepared only for the number of attendants was short a lot. You may guess how delicious it was.

The pleasant time elapsed quite quick, and we had to disperse reluctantly, promising to see each other at the next occasion.


The opening speech of Mr. Yazaki,

including the synical comments about Japan of today as usual.


Members varied from over 60 years to 3 months old


Cheerful chattings among membes here and there