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Subscription Concert in Jakarta by NSO 2010.5.4 PublicationSale


It has been already 5 years since Mr. Hikotaro Yazaki was appointed as an General Director of the Nusantara Symphony Orchestra, the only professional classical orchestra in Indonesia.  And it has been an year for me to listen to the concert of this orchestra, as the last time was in May 2009 when the “Oratorio” by Hydn was performed.  Expecting the great improvement of the performance during this time, I flew from Japan as I had nothing to do in Japan during the so-to-called golden week big holidays.

The concert was not at all disappointing.  The performance was excellent.  Of course  I have to confess that it is doubtful if the performance is accepted as the real professional ones in advanced countries of the classical music.  But still the result of the efforts Mr. Yazaki has made in last 5 years was so eminent.  First of all the sound of the orchestra is varied in accordance with the composer. Now the orchestra sounds as if the orchestra were an musical instrument.  And astonishingly the sound of the orchestra itself has been improved.  Though there were no adverse change of instruments used by orchestra members but definitely the sound has been much improved.

It is not easy yet for Indonesian classical music players to live.  It does not necessarily mean they are from rich families that they have studied and play an instrument.  Therefore it is not easy for them to practice even the program of the concert, as they have to earn their daily lives first.  There is no appropriate trainers.  And the price of the instrument is quite expensive in comparison with their daily expenditures.  So many of them even use such an humble instrument that, for instance in Japan, even an amateur would never use.  In spite of those handy caps every player seriously make their utmost to follow the baton of Mr. Yazaki.  Such seriousness in other words is far more impressive than that of first-class orchestra.  Above all the concert proved so eminently that every player loves the classical music so much.

After the concert the Ambassador of Japan to Indonesia, who dropped to see Mr. Yazaki at his dressing room, told “It was so impressive that the orchestra has been greatly improved.  It is a great proud of us, all the Japanese here in Indonesia”.