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Introduction of  “Yazaki et ses amis”

Yazaki et ses amis was established in 2001 as a circle to enjoy classical music, specially French classical music, together with Mr. Hikotaro Yazaki, and to support his activities as well as to enhance the friendship among the members.  This circle is administrated by his close friends on volunteer.

There are no rules and regulations other than annual membership fee of ¥3,000. For the registration of the membership, ¥2,000 is additionally required only when you newly join us.

Once you become a member, you will receive periodically news about Mr. Yazaki’s concerts in Japan (to members inside Japan only) as well as his hand-written letter (in Japanese), and you are entitled to entertain 10% discount of the concert tickets of any of Tokyo City Philharmonic Orchestra performances.  In case of other orchestra, as far as Mr. Yazaki conducts and the concert is promoted by the orchestra, you can enjoy the same privilege of 10% discount.  If the promoter is not the orchestra, this privilege may not be applied.

* The purchase of tickets are made directly between you and the ticket sales staff of the orchestra, when you are asked to inform them that you are a member of our circle, your name and the membership number which shall be informed soon after your membership registration is over.

Further once you become a member, you are entitled to join a party with Mr. Yazaki which will be held once a year.  Also you will receive a notice about the “Wine Tasting Party” which will be held once a year, too.  As the wine tasting party has the limit on number of people, it may not be possible to entertain everybody who wishes to join, but at least every member has the chance to join.

You are always welcome to join us.  For the application, please download below application form and send it to us by fax.

The Administration Staffs
Yazaki et ses amis

The application form to Yazaki et ses amis (PDF)

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